24 March 2017


London Gatwick, UK

Mastermind Meetup

Meet, learn & share

Event Capacity

Only 40 Seats

What's it all about? / Why should I come to this event?

This is not just another event that you think about attending. This event is the one event that you need to attend in 2017 if you have any interest at all in making more money from betting.

Back in October of last year, people flocked from all around the UK and some flew in from Switzerland and even as far as Brazil to be at “A Bet Worth Making”.

The event was great fun and a huge success, which is why we are running another one… New talks, same place, different date. Fancy coming along while there are still a few tickets remaining?

A Bet Worth Making

* Make more money by winning more bets whether it be horse racing, forex or anything you can place a bet on!

What Makes This Event Special? / Everything!

This event will help you join the pro’s who make a full time living by placing more winning bets whether it be from their local bookies or from their laptop or smartphone from anywhere in the world. The lifestyle freedom that this can bring is completely life changing.

You will get the opportunity to:

  • Learn from fellow attendees and some of the leading UK betting experts.
  • Including Cheltenham Festival analysis and tips for the April 2017 Aintree Grand National
  • Network – Make new friends, meet fellow punters and share tips.
  • Ask questions through out the day and share advice

Only 40 Seats Available / Be quick to avoid disappointment

This event is relatively tiny! You will have the opportunity to shake hands and chat with speakers who would otherwise be pretty inaccessible. This in itself is genuinely worth the ticket price.

Not only that, you have the opportunity to really get to know fellow attendees in the breaks and build friendships that last a lifetime. Hanging around with the right people is arguably one of the biggest secrets to success.

The hotel is pretty full already, so the room that I’ve got for us only has a capacity for 40 people “Theatre style” absolute maximum. On the plus side, this room costs less and I’m passing the savings on to you.

So instead of £75 per ticket it’s just £50 this time round (*If you buy your ticket now before the price goes up) For this reason, you are advised to buy your ticket at the earliest convenience to avoid missing out. Ie. get your ticket before it sells out.

A Bet Worth Making

* Don’t miss out!

5 REASONS WHY YOU Should ATTEND / Don't Miss Out!

* Just 1 tip from 1 speaker or 1 other attendee can easily make the trip worthwhile. Just 1 chat or 1 friendship made can also easily make the trip worthwhile.

* It’ll be a day of inspiration, education and networking with like-minded people. It’s like a mini break with people that you know you will already get on with!

* If you don’t attend you will miss out and also wonder “What if?” Hearing about it from friends is never the same as being there “Live” and getting the opportunity to meet and chat with everyone else there.

* This event is relatively, super small! There is just a 40 person maximum capacity, which means you get a much more intimate experience with speakers and fellow attendees.

* This event kicks off Online Betting School’s Betting Mastermind. The only way to currently get in this exclusive betting club is to attend this event.

Schedule / What to expect on the day

Meet and Greet


Grab a tea or a coffee, get registered and meet other attendees.
Buffet Lunch


Hot buffet lunch in the hotel restaurant (Included in your ticket price)
Welcome to

Mastermind Discussion

A discussion about and welcome to all mastermind members who decide on the day that they would like to join Online Betting School's Mastermind and become a core member.

Buy Your ticket now / Before someone else does!

How many betting events have you been to like this where you get to meet people who have the same passion as you for making money from betting?

Probably either none or not enough… This event is like a mini holiday with people that you want to be on holiday with.

This is your opportunity to meet industry experts and speak to fellow punters who understand you. That’s priceless.

You have the opportunity to form new friendships that will last a lifetime. Not only that, but these friendships can also mean more money in your pocket this year, next year and for years to come. You can share your best tips, systems and wins with your fellow punters that you meet on the day, for the rest of your life.

MORE REASONS TO COME / Have No Regrets in Life!

Some feedback from our last event:

“Interesting. Insightful. I would be interested in future events”

“Good to meet like-minded people and to get advice from those who are doing this professionally. Overall a good value experience.”

“Very enjoyable. Solid advice on building a long term sustainable strategy. Information on useful online resources. Good atmosphere. Chance to ask questions. Delivered everything as advertised.”

“Good value, instructive informative information that I found very useful”

“All the speakers had in-depth knowledge about gambling and gave good insight into beating the bookies. Had an exceptional time.”

“Great value for money”

A Bet Worth Making

* Create the Lifestyle that YOU deserve

Decision Time / To come or not to come?

You should definitely 100% come to this event!

It’s going to be a lot of fun and give you an ethical unfair advantage over people that don’t come.

You will learn from the speakers and from fellow attendees. If you think about it, just 1 tip from the day can easily cover your ticket costs.

Imagine having a conversation with a friend in April after the Grand National or later in the year, who went to the event, took action and has made over £1,000 from the tips learned on the day. Their future looks bright. It could have been you if you trusted your gut and bought a ticket.

Don’t miss out. Have no regrets. Life is short. Buy your ticket now while there are still some available. Every day that passes is a day that the event could potentially sell out.

Pricing / £195 on the door

Super Early Bird


Available until 16 March 2017…
(Or until tickets run out)
Entry Ticket to the Event
Free Tea/Coffee & Still/Sparkling Water
Free Hotel Buffet Lunch
Free Parking and Wi-Fi at the Venue
Invitation to and £50 discount off Online Betting School’s Betting Mastermind

Last Minute


Available until 24 March 2017…
(Or until tickets run out)
Entry Ticket to the Event
Free Tea/Coffee & Still/Sparkling Water
Free Hotel Buffet Lunch
Free Parking and Wi-Fi at the Venue
Invitation to and £50 discount off Online Betting School’s Betting Mastermind

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